About this Blog

My name is Lori Florio and I am a New Yorker.

I used to be a corporate event planner for a large financial institution, and I won’t lie – it was the greatest job imaginable. I traveled the world in high style (this was obviously before the financial crisis and Great Recession), met fascinating people, and was treated as though I were rich and famous without being either. It was a great gig.

All good things come to an end, though, and with Career #1 behind me, I turned to my love of people, food, and writing, and started Career #2: I became a freelance writer and novice photographer.

I wrote food articles for a local newspaper, and became the New York Italian Food Examiner for Examiner.com. (Being a food writer and a novice photographer in New York City gives you lots of material to cover!)

Then I attended a small reunion with my college girlfriends, and while we were catching up, one said “I had no idea you lived in New York! Michael and I would LOVE to go to New York City, but it scares the hell out of us.” My buddy Annie, who lives in Annapolis and has visited NYC three times in recent years – each time with a different niece visiting from Australia – said “Lors is a great tour guide! After a while, you actually forget to be scared!”

So, I decided to start a blog about New York City, my New York, the one people shouldn’t be afraid of.

Now, in Career #2, I’m based at home in Long Island City (a part of the borough of Queens, and my true slice of the Apple), and here is the view from my home office:

Not too shabby, eh? We’ve been here since 1998, and I still haven’t tired of this sight. That’s the East River in front of us, and the United Nations Building facing us. The top of the Chrysler Building is peeking over the U.N.

Let’s look a little farther down the river, shall we?

That’s the Empire State Building in the near right, but I was actually taking a photo of that gorgeous sailboat making its way down to New York Harbor. In the summer, there are leisure craft galore floating up and down the river, and in the winter there are tugboats and massive barges that are moving supplies in and out of the city.

I like to think of this as a bird’s eye view of Gotham, which is only 5 minutes away from me by subway. (You’ll see lots more pictures from this perch, I promise!)

(By the way, if you click on any picture I post, the photo will open so you will have an even better view!)

When most people think of New York – particularly Manhattan – they picture a hub of pushy people, millionaires, ultra-thin models, movie stars, and powerful “beautiful” snobs. I’ll be honest: it IS all that, but it’s so much more. New York is filled with kind, ordinary people who love diversity, culture, history, food, architecture, and living life just a TAD faster than the rest of the world.

They work in skyscrapers old and new…

walk down breathtaking avenues…

and quaint neighborhoods…

attend glitzy shows in grand music halls…

and enjoy impromptu concerts in Central Park.

They shop in designer showrooms…

at discount stores…

and even on the streets.

Oh, and they also have access to the greatest museums on the planet.

We’ll visit as many of these things as we can. We’ll also visit the other four boroughs in the city: Queens; Brooklyn; the Bronx; and Staten Island. I’ll take lots of pictures, too, and keep the blah-blah-blah text as short as possible so you won’t get bored.

So welcome to my blog, my city, and my sweet and savory life here.  I hope you enjoy it!