It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Dave and I found ourselves walking through the lobby of The MetLife Building this past Saturday, and I was delighted by what we saw there.  They were putting up the Christmas decorations!


When I was working in Midtown, I was always amazed at how quickly these decorations went up between the time I left for home on Thanksgiving Eve, and the following Monday morning when the legions returned to work.  Now I was finally privy!

Actually, they were just beginning the procedure and we found it fascinating.   Dave and I had never really thought about how the staffs at the magnificent buildings in Midtown put everything together, and now we have our answer: cherry pickers!

It makes perfect sense, if you think about it:


This particular display has a warm place in my heart.  Years before I moved into the city, I would get to and from my Metro North train to Connecticut via the MetLife Building. Back then, they used to hold an annual Toy Drive where you could leave wrapped gifts within a low white picket fence they put up around the tree. Cotton and fake snowflakes covered the floor inside those fences.  Now, in these crazy times, wrapped presents are discouraged, and the Toy Drive has gone away.  BUT, the tree and the spectacular wreaths that surround the lobby of the building have stayed.  These years, a choir will appear from time to time throughout the season, and you can’t help but smile.

Dave and I decided to stay a few minutes and watch:



This is why I love the city so much:  even THIS layout was a tourist photo opportunity!


(The smart phone even sneaked into the picture on the lower left hand side!)

When I first moved into New York, I had to learn how to re-purpose things.  So, apparently does everyone. See those lovely decorative gift boxes down there?


Looks like they do double-duty by storing the tree ornaments during the off season:


It’s a long job, requiring lots of teamwork:





Those gorgeous wreaths?


Even they required a cherry picker to hang:


Progress was being made nicely, but we had to get going into Midtown:


From the outside of the building looking in…


…we spied the last – and biggest – cherry picker for the giant wreath that hangs outside:


Yes, yes, yes!   Christmastime is here!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

  1. Here in Lisbon, Portugal, things are ramping up too, for the holidays. Plazas, supermarkets, and open squares are decorated and playing Christmas music: Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, etc. Thanks as always for showing us the step-by-step “insider” action.

    • Hi Tricia! We were recently in your neck of the woods – kinda, in Barcelona and San Sebastian – and I loved the fact that the Christmas decorations had been or were already being strung across the streets. We must get back there some day to see everything lit up – Europe sure seems to know how to do it right! Cheers to you from NYC, and more cheer to come. Enjoy the season!

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