I am a morning news junkie, more precisely a LOCAL morning news junkie, so I tune in to our local “News 4 New York” station every morning upon rising to learn of the current state of The City.

“News 4 New York” has their studios situated at Rockefeller Plaza, and so as each segment is bidding bye-bye and fades into the vast land of commercials, there is always an outside shot of Rockefeller Plaza in real time.  I first saw the 2107 edition of the springtime art at The Plaza on TV last month, and it intrigued me.

Seated Ballerina 1 - Photo by Lori Florio (My Slice of The Apple)

It is called “Seated Ballerina”, and it stands in the same spot as the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  Due to popular demand, it will stay put a few weeks longer than anticipated this year, closing on July 5th to make way for the summer art in The Plaza.

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